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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature[PSX]

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature adalah sebuah permainan video game yang berisi tentang simulasi perkebunan. Merupakan salah satu seri permainan video-game Harvest Moon, yang juga merupakan satu-satunya seri Harvest Moon untuk Playstation. Game ini dikembangkan oleh Victor Interactive Software Dan Natsume, dan didistribusikan ulang oleh PALAPA (Versi Bahasa Indonesia).

 Genre : Simulation/Role-Playing
Developer : Victor Interactive Software, PALAPA
Publisher : Natsume
Release Date : 16 Desember 1999
Packed Size : 30 MB
Unpacked Size: 204 MB
Password :

Yu-gi-oh! Forbidden Memories[PSX]

The game, made for the PlayStation, takes place in Ancient Egypt. The players play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game alongside characters that appear in the series.
Genre : Card Battle
Developer : Konami
Publisher : Konami
Release Date : December 9, 1999
Packed Size : 152 MB
Unpacked Size: 493 MB
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Gensou Suikoden(v1.1)[PSX][NTSC-U]

Ignore the "PAL". I couldnt find any cover
is a re-release of the PlayStation role-playing video games Suikoden, ported to the PlayStation Portable.
The game centers on the political struggles of the Scarlet Moon Empire. The player controls the son of a Scarlet Moon Empire general who is destined to seek out 108 warriors (referred to as the 108 Stars of Destiny) in order to revolt against the corrupt sovereign state and bring peace to a war-torn land.[3] The game is loosely based on the Chinese novel Shui Hu Zhuan, and features a vast array of characters both controllable and not, with over ninety characters usable in combat and many more able to help or hinder the hero in a variety of ways.

Genre : Role-Play
Developer : Konami
Publisher  : Konami
Release Date : December 15, 1995
Disc ID : SLUS-00292
Unpacked Size : 563 MB
Packed Size : 361 MB
Format : RAR